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Saturday, June 25, 2011

h a n a ♥ a b o u t c r y a g a i n

. hana was cry .
. cry for someone that not remember for a long time 
. you say that you love me 
. but not 
. can i believe you again , you really not cheated me again
. i don't know 

. i always think that 
. when i got you is my good heaven in your hand 
. but not ! for all years , i am wrong !
. you was a person that want to take my happiness for my family and friend 
. i think that you always love me 
. but not ?
. for all this time , where your gone 
. you didn't contact 
. you know that everyday 
. i miss you , really miss , until i sick 
. i cry for you , because i really miss you but also didn't have respond 
. until one day , miss was change to hate 
. now , you are late , late for everything 
. my heart was already change 
. you change was gone for forever !
. and loss from ours life 

. now , happy change to sad and angry 
. smile was gone 
. everything was to late 
. that was i want say to you 

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