♥ i and you ♥

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

♥ the TRUE of him ♥

. hey you my dears :)
. thanks a lot for your LIES

. i always think that i was the happiness person in my world
. when i know the TRUTH
. i think i was the STUPID person

. he cheated me .
. he says that he never chat with other girl
. never give his number to other girl
. only love me

. but the TRUTH is HE WAS LIES
. he was lies all people around him
. he says to everyone that he only love me
. and says i was the important person in his life

. but now , he was ?
. dears , i was cheated by you many times .
. now i really tired , i want to give up
. i leave you , just do want you want
. heart hurt already normal for me
. my heart was break already
. and tears was never fall anymore

. i changed all my bad attitiude because you
. but you treated me like ?
. don't ask why if i was changed back to my older life
. that means , i was give up with you
. and i want to be alone .

. know you is my biggest fault in my life .

Saturday, August 11, 2012

♥ our love story : the end ♥

. 17 nov 2011 - 12 aug 2012
. was totalty ending
. promises also the end
. a person who leave me alone at here
. only tears always accompany

. maybe i am not suitable to love someone

. first day without you
. first time wake up in the morning and cry again
. yes i am totalty lose him
. now i am miss his hug , his love , his kiss
. i am miss all about him
. dear , tody is my puteri lebarn contest for final
. wish for me , can ?
. i know that is possible
. i still love you my dear